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Inventory Software - Introduction Purchase Order Software

What is EasyInventory & How it can help you to manage your Stock?
  • Easiest way to Maintain your Stock Balance Automatically.
  • List your Invenntory Items with default Sale & Purchase Price.
  • Maintain Customer & Supplier list with their contact details.
  • Prepare Sales Invoice & Sales Return documents.
  • Create Purchase Receipt & Purchase Return documents.

About EasyInventory

EasyInventory is an inventory management software designed for small to mid-sized businesses. This Inventory system saves your time on paperwork, fulfill your inventory management needs accurately, and shows upfront balance inventory in one click. EasyInventory creates LPOs, prepare invoices and tracks inventory.
Inventory System
Inventory Items
Item master in EasyInventory, where you can maintain the items details, Categorize them & put default price for items. You can easily check stock of items. It takes few clicks to create any sale / purchase document, because Item names are already there, you just choose item & put quantity. Stock balance is automatically calculated.
Stock Reports
Inventory Reports
EasyInventory have many detailed & summary reports for sales, Purchase, customers, suppliers and inventory status. You can received deliveries by suppliers or as per project with other filters. All Reports can be filtered in between dates and other applied parameters. All Reports can be printed or exported to pdf / excel file.
Attach Documents
Inventory Documents
You may attach documents with each Purchase Order record, like received quotation etc. Also you can attach unlimited documents with each vendor record in software. EasyInventory supports all common document formats like word, excel, pdf & pictures.
Customer Records
Customer Records Management
In this software, you can maintain the complete details of your customer. Maintain Contact details, attach unlimited documents along with each customer record. It helps to create Sales Invoice quickly.
Prepare Invoices
Sales Invoice Management
Easily generate sales invoices for your customer, which you can print or export to pdf format. When you make an invoice, software will automatically reduce the inventory quantity from stock for items.
Sales Return
Sales Return Management
You can enter sales return record in the software. EasyInventory will automatically maintain the balance quantities of entered items in stock. This way you can have record of items returned by customers and get reports to print the sales retun history by each customer.
Supplier Records
Supplier Management
EasyInventory Software maintains your supplier details, so when creating purchase order, it automatically fill up complete supplier details along with contact details to print on Purchase order. Software can import your existing suppliers from excel file.
Purchase Receipts
Purchase Receipt Management
You can enter items and quantities of received items from your supplier. Software can generate printable Purchase Receipt and maintain the stock quantity of each item automatically. This will maintain the history of all purchases made by you and stock will be also be maintained.
Purchase Return
Purchase Return Management
You can enter purchase return record in the software. EasyInventory will automatically maintain the stock balance of quantities entered in the purchase receipt. This way you can have record of items returned by you and get reports to print the purchase retun history for each supplier.
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